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  • How "ECO" is your artist entertainment rider?

    Healthy hospitality rider = healthy you and a healthy planet.

    What's YOUR Ewaste Policy?

    EMA wants to know what you do with your electronics waste.

    2018 "Trash 2 Treasure" Challenge

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    "The Festival Guy" takes on Trash

    EMA Founding Member, Tucker Gumber - the biggest advocate for cleaning up festivals.

    Photo by: Keenan Shoal

    10 Quick Tips for Event Organizers

    Safety considerations to ensure basic public safety.

    EMA Massive Actions

    Twice a year we motivate our EMA ambassadors to create a community event that bridges our community to the greater community in a day of action.

    Disaster Considerations + Resources

    From shootings to natural disasters, what we can do

  • We are dedicated to positive culture change related to:

    • festival and community regenerative environmental efforts
    • holistic wellness (health + safety)
    • industry standards and ethics


    Since 2010, EMA's vision has been one of advancing

    local communities through charitable or community service-oriented educational activities and arts-based music culture events.


    We provide a platform for the Electronic Music community

    to connect and give back.


  • DO YOU:

    • Like Electronic Music?
    • Attend festivals?
    • Care about community or the environment?

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