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Bombs Fly: Table Syndicate ft. Liz Berlin

Table Syndicate blows it away with Liz Berlin in "Bombs Fly"

Although we love to support the work of the artists from our network, we love it even more when the track represents something more than entertainment alone. "Bombs Fly", from Table Syndicate, is a song for our time with lyrics expressing the observations and frustrations of our modern society with yet the paradoxical uplifting voice of Liz Berlin. Before being able to change the world, you must first identify what is going on. This song will help you do that. And Liz will make you believe change is possible. But Table Syndicate and Liz Berlin are no fools, they know that art and music have always played a pivotal role in fueling activism.

We congratulate Table Syndicate for surpassing 12K views on YouTube, encourage our community to take a listen, and of course pass it along if it resonates with you or you feel the messages within the song should be heard and shared.

“Bombs Fly (Radio Edit)” featuring Liz Berlin of Rusted Root


YouTube Official Video


Lyric Video

"Bombs Fly" Lyrics

These are the things that are tearing us apart
Stifling, blighting, ripping at our hearts
Holy rolling visions of gloom
Hiding, melting, licking our wounds

licking our wounds
licking our wounds
licking our wounds
licking our wounds

Does your heart feel
A little surreal
Can your soul heal
From the ordeal

At the core at the center
what will be revealed
Do we really want
To learn how to love

At the core at the center
what will be revealed
Can we ever learn
How to be one

Shotgun, candy run
Babies at war
Landfill, oilspill
Murder the poor

Frack quake, ratrace
Planet ablaze
New toys
Pharmaceutical haze

Hate crime, wartime
Rivalry creed
Chemtrails siren wails
Corporate greed

False flags human trafficking lives
True lies, drone spies
Let the bombs fly

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