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From EDM to WVO - Life of a DJ turned farmer

A workshop given by Ken Jordan previously of The Crystal Method

From the world of electronic dance music to waste vegetable oil and permaculture farming -

upcoming workshops by Ken Jordan

at the 10 year anniversary of Envision Festival

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How do you go from life as an internationally acclaimed DJ and recording artist to life as a permaculture farmer in the jungle?

The Crystal Method is one of the landmark acts of the big beat genre that swept the late 90's and early 2000's. These artists helped push electronic music into the mainstream with radio play and MTV coverage (before the 2002 Rave Act would reel the energy back substantially for over half of a decade).

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Four years ago, Ken retired from The Crystal Method (TCM). Ken's partner, Scott Kirkland, the other founding member of the band continues to this day as The Crystal Method.

After retiring, Ken bought land in a developing eco-village to build a small eco-home, plant gardens and a food forest. He's also president of a local beach clean nonprofit, Una Limpia Playa Hermosa. In between his farming and activism, he finds time to drive around his local community collecting waste vegetable oil to power his WVO-mobile.

Ken will talk about his journey in the workshop "From EDM to WVO". This workshop will be held twice at this year's 10 year anniversary edition of Envision Festival. He will touch upon how and why he changed his life and explain how he uses Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) in his diesel vehicle, the process of WVO conversion, collection, and filtering required to run fossil-free.

The workshops will be held at the Root Down stage. Thursday, Februay 20th at 4:30PM and Saturday, February 22nd at 1:30PM. Both workshops will be presented in conjunction with "EcoHub", the recycling center of Envision.

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Ken showing how to be an environmental icon away from the music industry. Ken is a platinum artist for The Crystal Method's debut album Vegas, and two time Grammy nominee for "best electronic album" for the LP's Legion of Boom and Divided by Night. His work has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, commercials, sporting events, and video games.

Although Ken likes to spend most of his time in Costa Rica working on his eco-projects, he will reunite with Scott Kirkland in April for a special nonprofit "FundRager" supporting DanceSafe's continued harm reduction efforts for the U.S. electronic music scene.

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