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How the Festival Guy takes on Trash

EMA Founding Member, Tucker Gumber has always been a class act

For years we have watched in awe as one of our EMA founding members and a festival all-star, Tucker Gumber ("The Festival Guy)", has lit festival grounds with symbolic fire with his trailblazing efforts to tackle the problem of party trash. The above picture was one of the first attempts he made on his first year as a professional festival attendee. He went on to continue to message about trash on his website by incorporating trash awareness in 50% of his 2013 "Rules of Festivaling" as well as posts dedicated to the effort such as #FestivalHack which he created a short explainer video for.

More recently, Tucker received honor status media coverage by Katie Bain who wrote about him in a piece for The Guardian, The Festival Guy: how one man turned festival-ing into a lifestyle, where he shows off his promotion of reusable cups and utensils as key elements of the festival experience. Tucker also led a workshop for two weekends in a row at Electric Forest teaching festival attendees how to be a festival pro (which inclues the usage of his amazing app, of course, FestEvo). Electric Forest also handed over their Instagram platform for a day to our Trash-caring King so he could get the message out to fans about how they could make an impact with his new campaign "Leave No Trace +1" which means pick up your all your own trash but also something from someone else who wasn't thoughtful enough to do it for themselves.

His campaigning for all these years has been sustainable. We are not sure how we will go above and beyond his current efforts although we are confident he will find a way.

Please check out his YouTube channel for FestEvo for informational videos and information on his Festival Goer's Guide.

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