Our Work in 2016

  • WON - EDM events can stay in LACounty-- Within the last year EMA our major achievement was preventing a ban on electronic dance music events in Los Angeles County, which is the #2 dance capital in the world.

  • Events - Through Key-frame Entertainment EMA had another annual benefit event as well as presence at the 4th annual Peace in the Park in San Francisco.

  • EMA Massive Actions-- We organized our 7th EMA Massive action community service weekend. EMA Massive Actions have helped bring tree plantings, community garden sessions, beach and river cleanups to over 10 cities in the U.S. through our ambassadors.

  • Turn Up the Vote Campaign --Our 8th Massive Action was a Fall campaign to Turn Up the Vote which included our participation in the National Voter Registration Day. We brought together our membership to do an outreach to inspire voter participation through Turn Up the Vote - bringing together over 20 organizational partners with over 500K in accumulative outreach through our partners which included major promoters, a retail partner, various artists both global and local, media and radio partners, and non-profit partners.

  • Ambasasdor programs -- With an EMA ambassador, EMX LA, we are part of the newly created NoHo Art Walk and Future DJ's program.

  • Food Drives -- EMA Founding Members and ambassadors Jane and Mike in San Francisco, as well as Kimberly St. John San Diego organized food drives in conjunction with local events.

  • Artist Play it FWD program -- We were called upon by non-profit ally, Music for Relief, to secure a DJ for their fundraiser. We had several EMA artist members participate with Cadence and Cause campaigns with great success. We also had EMA artists who contributed to the Listen Paris campaign.

  • Free counseling - We continue to lend free counseling support to our membership who wish to do something to change the world, including non-profit allies such as International Ravers Charity and EMX LA's programs.

  • Safety Article -- We are working diligently with organizational partners and individual members or stakeholders regarding safety in our scene. [We published a Social Media guide](http://ema-global.org/blogs/user301667/global/345/using-social-media-to-amplify-health-safety-messages) to improving posts by incorporating health and safety messaging.

  • Standards for our Industry -- We are currently working with Event Safety Alliance and Entertainment Services and Technology Association to create ANSI approved safety standards for the music industry. Via our board of directors, we are part of several committees as well as in charge of the Planning, Management and Major Incident committee.

Donations help keep going and can bring us to the next level


EMA is a large network organization with a small nucleic administration run completely on a volunteer basis by the board of directors as well as the Executive Director role. Overhead is thus exceptionally low for this organization but we still have have to cover things such as our website, newsletter, bank fees, and accountant. However, we would like to take the organization to the next level and will be needing to at least double donation revenue so we can award community organizers with budgets to do more good work in their local communities and to be able to do more general outreach.

The work we have done over the last few years has been covered mostly by the original EMA Founding Member donations in 2012 and from 2012 from a dozen or so members. We have spent most of our time working to create programs and prove ourselves to the community. It is time to take EMA to the next level.

With your generous donation we will be able to are asking for your generous support in any amount that you can afford or feel good giving, to help us get to that next level.

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