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Community Calls for 2020

EMA is part of the Bloom Network

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Community Calls for 2020

Tune in third Mondays at 6pm Pacific to learn and meet great people from around the world. The next one is this coming Monday, on the theme below:

Call Schedule and Themes for the Year
All calls are at 6pm Pacific time, 3rd Mondays.

Jan 20: Flipping the Media Narrative towards Regenerative Cultures

Feb 17: Climate Related Disaster and Mitigation/Adaptation
Mar 16: Distributed and Localized Production
Apr 20: Indigeous Solidarity
May 18: Future Economy
June 15: Burners and Bloomers

If you'd like to suggest a speaker or artist for these topics, get in touch at

This schedule is posted online and updated at

Meta theme for 2020
“Flipping the Media Narrative towards Regenerative Cultures”

The mainstream news narrative of what is happening in the world is terrifying, full of doom and destruction, casting little hope of a happy future. At Bloom Network we know there are hundreds of examples around the world of people using knowledge, skills and resources to help mitigate disaster and regenerate the ecology and systems around them.

This year at Bloom Network our Community Calls will focus on “Flipping the Media Narrative” and bring to light all the wonderful regenerative actions the world needs to know about.

Call to Action
“Encouraging 1 billion acts of regeneration”


Bloom inspires people to do regenerative actions in the communities where they live and in their workplaces. Join your local Bloom chapter or simply learn online about practices you can do, then empower yourself to get your hands dirty.

Member Project Highlight

Andreas Groos, software developer from Bloom Yuba Watershed, has created an interactive map of all the watersheds in the United States, using publicly available government data. Do you know of a similar map for your country or region? We'll add maps to the Bloom wiki so more people can learn about how waterways near them are crucial for life. Indigenous stories and place names welcome.

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