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Housin' for the Homeless Benefit


AK House Movement presents Hous'n for the Homeless, a unified community effort to shed light and create solutions surrounding the issues of homelessness in Anchorage and elsewhere around the world. This unique event will leverage the strong community ties present within the House Music scene in Anchorage and Anchorage Community House. The goal of the event was to connect around this social crisis that affects over a half a million Americans every year and over 100 million worldwide. In order to make a substantial and sustained impact within the homeless communities, we must begin a conversation. AK House Movement and Anchorage Community House are teaming up to expand their impact by raising awareness and funds.

Collaboration is the Solution

Homelessness is a problem too complex to be tackled by only the community services sector and related government departments. Resources, effort and energy are needed from across the private, public, and community sectors. By involving businesses, schools, faith communities, services clubs, community groups, and local people in the work of specialist homelessness services and other housing and services providers, greater resources are brought to the table. It is by coming together that real collective impact can be realized and amazing things can happen.

Most people do not want tot see people sleeping on the streets. Having the comfort and safety of a home is what Anchorage residents expects for each other. The average person may not know how to go about helping people who they see homeless in their community and they are unlikely to know about the 'hidden' secondary and tertiary homelessness. There are likely to be many people in your community who will respond positively to your call to action.

Communities want to take pride in where they live and see that vulnerable residents are cared for. By joining in your efforts to tackle homelessness, you are inviting people to take pride in their community.

AK House Movement

AK House Movement is a collective of artists committed to bring change and awareness to some of the most challenging issues we face as a global community and approved ambassador of Electronic Music Alliance.

6 local Alaska (AK) DJ's and 3 Los Angeles (LA) DJ's have partnered together to help with each others communities in regards to the homelessness crisis. With many residents asking what can we do or how can we help, AKHM with the help of True House LA came up with a model for an event they debuted this past winter and intend on replicating into the future, starting with this first summer edition on August 12th from 7pm to 2am at the Anchorage Museum.

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Why Homelessness?

  • It is not just a financial issue.
  • In addition to loss of jobs, lack of education, and increasing costs of living, natural disasters are expected to increase with the Earth's temperature which will increase lack of housing.
  • It is a fixable issue with the right conversations.

Why House Music?

  • Has played a major role in unifying many cultures since 1970's
  • It blends every style, genre, or culture of music so it has a wide reach
  • Bridges the gap between the younger genres in the EDM (electronic dance music) communities
  • Natural love for humanity and global communities
  • Has had an influence of communicating political and social messages to people who were considered to be outcasts of society
  • Appeals to many who haven't fit into mainstream American society
  • The essence of house music calls for equality, love, peace, respect in communities

One Love, One Community.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

  • Anchorage Community House
  • Anchorage Artist Co-Op
  • Anchorage Museum
  • True House LA
  • Electronic Music Alliance
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