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How to be a Good Ally

with Dee Sanae

Dee Sanae, EMA advisor and founder of Mosaic Visions, Plays it FWD by contributing a video-interview on Allyship and authoring the "Support Black Lives" resource guide

Identifying as a “multi-ethnic woman of color”, EMA Advisor and founder of Mosaic Visions, Dee Sanae, felt inspired during the Black Lives Matter protests to author an activation guide for the dance music community. Dee is one of the founding members of Electronic Music Alliance.

Dee reminds that even though the protests have died down, "It is our individual responsibility to continue the conversation, education, and activism”.

The “How to Be a Good Ally” is a short 28 minute interview which addresses not only ways individuals can become an ally but how they can level up to what Dee calls a “collaborator”. The interview also touches upon some of the nuances of allyship for Black lives (which will be similar for the greater BIPOC community) and teases a future series of interviews exploring these nuances in-depth.

The “How to Be a Good Ally” video-interview is included in the Support Black Lives guide.

Dee Sanae

Dee is a writer, social justice activist, and founder of Mosaic Visions. Mosaic Visions is a diverse community-based organization that will promote racial equity, social justice, and equality.

IG: @dee_sanae / FB:

Support Black Lives Guide by Dee Sanae

Mosaic Visions

Mosaic was created to amplify the voices of marginalized and underrepresented Jews as well as support causes related to intersectionality with the BIPOC ( Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community. Mosaic Visions‘ mission is to unify communities through provide advocacy, awareness, education through community activism, and action-oriented programming.

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