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We all witnessed the American movement of Black lives matter and how it grew at an exponential rate with global tribune as other countries joined in solidarity. After the protests die down, it is our individual responsibility to continue the conversation, education, and activism. As a supporter and advisor of Electronic Music Alliance, I implore us all as creators, artists and musicians to use our platforms to be a part of the solution and advance change. Here is a list of resources that will be updated on a continuous basis:

Social Media

  • Don't post your everyday content (selfies can wait).

  • Post or repost from the black community - what they are experiencing, what's happening at the protests from the black community perspective, and educate and share resources about white supremacy

How to Be A Part of the Humanitarian Revolution:

Let's not forget Ahmaud and Breonna

If you have shied away from becoming active in the community, the right to become an activist in your community is now. Speak up and get engaged. If you don't know the first steps the resources here are some sites and resources that I have collected that can help you in your first step:

Message from the author, Dee Sanae:

I am a multi-ethnic woman of color. The different cultures of my genetic makeup have varying stereotypes on Black Lives. Despite the protests, I realize those cultures hold individual reservations regarding racism and being I check multiple boxes, has put me in the position of both observer and recipient. I understand that this topic would make one feel very uncomfortable. However, we should focus on how this movement has put the world on an internal check. If you are not accustomed to speaking out about anti-blackness, have not thought about it until now, or experienced racism yourself—this is normal. Collectively as a community and the world, we must share responsibility, wake up to change, and create an inclusive environment for future generations.

If you see BIPOC being treated unfairly. SPEAK UP! Do not be complicit with silence. It starts with the internal healing of old ideologies or stereotypes, taking action through our behavior, and getting involved with communities other than our own. And yes, don't forget to VOTE! (For all local, state, and federal elections)

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