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Helping our Founding Member who became a climate refugee in the Thomas Fire of Ojai

Helping our EMA Founding Member affected by the (climate change exacerbated) Thomas fire

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In the face of this disaster we are reminded that our mission is not given by place, home, or a street address. Rather, in this time of global uncertainty, we are defined by our community, by our common dreams for a better world and by our love of our little ones. It’s in their eyes that the bigger message for this new epoch of humanity is clear:


We are all in this together.


Rebecca, Josh and the entire Kiss the Ground movie team and Big Picture Ranch gang (affected by the Ojai fire, had to evacuate, but their home was spared).

The following story is from one of our EMA Founding Members, Mikki Willis. We were honored to have him agree to join the alliance, and it is in times like these that we are honored to serve him in whatever capacity we can to raise awareness about climate induced homelessness (as his family and tribe are now climate refugees) and help support his campaign for financial support. Please read his story below.



Most of you know 8 years ago, Nadia and I moved our production company, and our beloved employees out of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, to the quiet little valley known as Ojai CA, population 8000.

In an effort to reduce our monthly expenses and produce less environmental impact, we all let go of our apartments and houses and together rented one big home on a mountain top. We converted the garage into a sweet little soundstage and set up the third floor of the house as a post-production workspace. We had everything we needed to function as a mini movie studio and to fulfill our collective mission to use the power of film to elevate truth and hope. Most importantly, the live-work configuration allowed my wife and I to be fully present in the lives of our two young sons. Our home swiftly became a laboratory for goodness, and a creative sanctuary for some of the world’s biggest hearts and minds. A short list of our environmental and humanitarian work includes:

- Building schools in third world countries.

- Delivering musical equipment to children of war-torn territories.

- Documenting historical political movements.

- Spotlighting alternative medicines and healing modalities.

- Capturing the spirit of sacred ceremonies.

- Delivering clean water systems to indigenous communities.

- Countless initiatives focused on educated and protecting children.

- Bold frontline activism.


On the evening of December 5th, 2017, our dream home and studio was consumed by the Thomas Fire. Our community sacrificed their own belongings to rescue our clients hard-drives. We escaped with only the clothes we were wearing. 90% of our production gear was destroyed. Unfortunately, at the time our company was operating on an interim insurance policy that covered only a fraction of what was lost.


This is a call for community support!

During this time of global unrest we feel the urgent need to get back on the front line. To do so we must raise at least $100,000 to replace our cameras, sound gear, computers and countless miscellaneous items that allow us to do our work. Here are the best ways you can help:


1) Receive a tax deduction by donating to our 501c3 non-profit at: (Simply click the yellow DONATE button at the bottom of the page)

2) Mail donations to: P.O. BOX 820, Ojai CA. 93024

3) Hire Elevate for your film/video production needs.

4) Donate production equipment to: ELEVATE c/o Sol Tryon
391 E. Villanova Rd. Ojai, CA 93023

5) If you are on Facebook go to Mikki Willis’ page and share the post with the Elevate Rebuild Video.

6) Share this campaign far and wide!

We deeply appreciate your love and support. Thank you!

Mikki and Nadia

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