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World Cares Center helps you help with Harvey

Disaster Volunteerism Free Training and other opportunities

World Cares Center helps you help #Harvey

WCC is actively coordinating with FEMA and our VOAD (Voluntary Organization Active in Disasters) partners as well as our local contacts in Houston to assess the most urgent needs. Based on this dialog we are:

  • Purchasing and collecting relief supplies to deliver including hygiene kits for survivors who have lost everything and are staying g shelters, as well as flood response kits. We are also collecting protective gear for volunteers conducting flood response operations

Volunteer opportunities are available to pack kits, which include valuable information on caring for children post-disaster and other safety educational material. To host a collection point or to volunteer to assemble kits please contact Cynthia at

  • Offering Free online and classroom training for disaster volunteers and those conducting clean up operations. Topics includes Flood Response Safety as well as skills-based training for disaster volunteers. This training is for all volunteers, VOAD partners, and survivors who will assist in recovery by self-organizing local efforts such as faith-based groups and local clubs.
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To take an online training visit


  • Seeking funds to deploy to our team to provide in-person training within the hardest hit communities, working with the hyper local groups so that they may recover within the means of their own resources to muck, gut and prepare their homes for rebuild. WCC will also assist in the management of its response team and others as needed, and provide Personal Protective Equipment and Flood Response Kits.
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