• Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) is a nonprofit action network,

    think tank, and global community of electronic music fans, artists, and industry professionals.

    We are dedicated to protecting people, planet, and parties and providing opportunities

    for our industry to philanthropically Play it FWD.


    As a 501(c)(3) non-profit and global membership alliance, we unite forward-thinking leaders in electronic music culture.

    We organize around issues such as health, safety, environmentalism, and giving back to our local communities through charitable works and creating community leaders.


    We leverage the unique and creative voices and actions of our community to cultivate positive social and environmental change within our hearts, our homes, our dance floors, and across the globe.


    EMA cares about the various members of our electronic music community as well as the larger communities that surround them. We educate our community about personal health and safety issues, such as hearing health and festival safety tips. We respect all cultures and the basic protection of basic civil and human rights and so share important campaigns that support a large spectrum of social issues in solidarity with our non-profit partners.


    As an endorser of the Earth Charter Initiative and a subsidiary of Green Wave, EMA has a commitment to environmental awareness and protection of the natural world. From E-waste drives, beach, waterway, and park cleanups, to tree and community garden plantings, and sustainability education, EMA has established itself as an environmental role model in the electronic music community at large.


    Events are the backbone of the electronic music world. Parties are our greatest form of group expression. EMA is committed to leading creating, and sharing guidelines to produce safer and more sustainable parties be they community events, club events, or large scale festivals. In 2015 we organized the industry in Los Angeles to alleviate a proposed ban and moratorium on electronic music events (and won).