• EMA Board of Directors

    Janine Jordan

    Co-Founder, Chair, ED

    Founder of Green Wave, Executive Director and Board Chair Electronic Music Alliance, Author, Performance Artivist, Yogini and Costa Rican Ambassador.

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    Deepti Datt

    Board Member

    Entertainment executive with experience working in the US and India. Artist at The Story of Foundation.

    EMA India Executive Director.

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    Jen Adams

    Board Member, COO

    Event and Non-profit Management

    LAHAF Inc.

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    Phu Styles

    Board Member

    Founder I AR/VR Entrepreneur I Celebrity Fashion Stylist I Futurist

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    Kimberly Cantrelle

    Board Member

    Partner at kitchen24, Partner at BLVD Catering Inc, Freelance Event Producer, Artist Lounge Manager at Insomniac Events

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    Claire Wright

    Board Member,

    Culture + Development Director

    Entrepreneur dedicated to culture and change. CEO of BUDDY Guard Systems. Contact Kim.

    Mary Salvatera

    Board Member

    UX Strategist & Innovator, Sr. Manager, Design & User Experience -Samsung Digital/eCommerce, Samsung Electronics

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    DJ IDeaL

    Board Member

    Producer/A&R - Business Development Connector - Dance Music Correspondent

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    Alyxzander Bear

    Board Member

    Director of Production at Insomniac, Inc.

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    Julian Reyes

    Board Member

    Creative Lead | Executive Producer


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    Evan Bailey

    Board Member

    Associate Professor, KSU • VP, DDP • Owner, Tree City Holdings

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  • EMA Community Advisors + Ambassadors

    Founding Member LIST


    Alex Polyachenko, Lauren Segal, Michael Kaliski, Terry Gotham, Missi Wooldrige, Stefanie Jones (DPA), David Loomstein, Arturo Cruz, Scott Shaw, Mike Romo, Sheri MacDonald, Allan Gelbard, Kay Fellows, Justin Brothers, Matthew Rideout, Persepsion, Adam Krim, Ethan Baer, Drew Stern, Mystic Pete, Liquid Todd

    Kimberly St. John


    Kimberly St. John is a DJ and nurse who started her EMA ambassador work in San Diego but currently has brought the work to Denver. On occasion she works with Camp Charlie on events in Los Angeles.

    KaytiBunny Roberts


    Event producer, sacred space, rainbow therapies, VIP Host, professional mermaid and flow artist.


    Justin Olsen


    Justin is DJ Xoda and also the founder of EMX LA,the NoHo Art Walk in North Hollywood and the Future DJ's childrens program. He is an ambassador for the Los Angeles area.

    DJ Shar4


    DJ Shar4 is our New Hampshire community ambassador. She has completed several massive actions over the last few years as well as donating tracks for charitable purposes and throwing charitable events.

    Catherine Geanuracos


    Chief Operating Officer at CityGrows

    Board Member for EMA 2012-2017

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    Wade Randolph Hampton


    CEO and founder of Silent Partner Films. Former director of Ghostbar Dallas.

    Board member for EMA 2011-2017

    Raymond Stone


    Founder of RaveReady.com. Board member for EMA 2011-2017

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    Graham Penniman


    Freelance Experiential Marketing: Senior Producer, Production Manager, Accounts

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    Jeff Smith


    Partner/Creative Director at Eye Vapor

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    Syd Gris


    Founder of Opulent Temple and Opulent Productions


    Dee Sanae


    Civil rights activist and an advocate for diversity and inclusion. Magnetic Mag correspondent.



    Bryan Chang


    Founder and Director of Dance Music Initiative.

    Joseph Carringer


    Didgeridoo Sound Therapist & Musician

    Ancient Voices Harmonic Therapy

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    Previous Board Members

    Honoring our past:

    Ken Jordan (The Crystal Method), Richard Bishop, Monica Salazar, Simon Rust Lamb, Erika Raney, Scott Shaw, Jennifer Forkish, Catherine Geanuracos, Raymond Stone, Wade Randolph Hampton, Parag Bhandari


    For EMA board members, integrity is of utmost importance to uphold.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have concerns regarding any board member or advisor. You may also be interested in reviewing the

    EMA member CODE.

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