• EMA's vision is to advance communities

    through environmental-humanitarian activities and events.


    We provide a platform for the Electronic Music community

    to connect and give back.

  • DO YOU:

    • Like Electronic Music?
    • Attend festivals?
    • Care about community or the environment?

  • Connect with people in the electronic music community who want to Play it Forward. We are superstar music and event producers, DJ's, production crew, performers, artists, industry vets, and fans from every walk of life.


    Together we make a difference.

  • 2018 "Trash 2 Treasure" Challenge

    EMA's Annual industry and community Play it FWD campaign

    Safety through Social Media

    Tips on how to encourage safety through online platforms.


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    EMA Massive Actions

    Twice a year we motivate our EMA ambassadors to create a community event that bridges our community to the greater community in a day of action.

    10 Quick Tips for Event Organizers

    Safety considerations to ensure basic public safety.

    Climate Science 101

    Be open. Read. Share.

    Our First Contender

    Denver EMA Ambassador + DJ, Kimberly St. John

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