• Our Founding Members

    Foundation Roster 2010 -- 2012

  • Founding Membership Circle: (2010-2012)

    Orlando Padilla, Richard Bishop (Manager-The Crystal Method/ Borgore -Red Light Management), Andrew Goldstone (Manager for Tiesto), Aric Webb, Barak Schurr (CEO Wanttickets.com), Bill Hamel, Brad LeBeau, Brian Lim (CEO Emazing Lights), Carlos Telon, Chris Cox (Grammy nominated artists), Dennis White (Static Revenger), Donnie Estopinal (CEO Disco Donnie Presesnts), Ed Vance (CEO Vortex Immersion Domes), Ellis Ranko (Ticketfly), Erika Raney (CEO Out to Launch), Hunter Williams (CAA), Jon Levy, Jonas Schuman (WME), Kelly Vaught (BeCore), Ken Jordan (The Crystal Method), Kromo Kromolowski (CEO IGYO), John Boyle, Amanda Logan (Diamond PR), Laura Rankin (Sweet Life Entertainment), Lorrie Boula (Soul Kitchen/ Shepherd Fairey), Lynn Albers (Freelance Talent Buyer), Matt Colon, Merritt Critcher, Michael Goldberg, Mark McLarry (CEO Alt Productions), Michelle Levy, Mike Fuller, Monica Salazar, Parag Bhandari, Randy Reed, Raymond Stone (CEO RaveReady.com), Rebecca Roven, Richard Vission, Rob McDaniels (InGrooves), Rupert Parks, Scott Kirkland (The Crystal Method), Shack, Shahin Amirpour, Simon Rust Lamb (COO Insomniac), Stephanie La Fera (CEO Little Empire), Stephanie Smiley, Steve Hogan (WME), Steve Levy (Hype Circle), Steve Satterwaite (Red Light Management), Swedish Egil (Groove Radio), Tim Smith, Tomas Serrano (GM Spin Night Club, SD/ DJ IDeal), Victor Wong (CEO MusicComputing), Wade Randolph Hampton, Yoel Berrios (CEO EDM Magazine), Jason Herrick (421 Entertainment), Kimberly Rousell (COO Dim Mak Studios), Trent Cantrelle, Borgore, Liquid Todd (SiriusXM), Mike Teez, Stefanie Lees, Tucker Gumber (The Festival Guy), Megan Brooke (DigiLove), Oscure, Eva Kim (DJ Eva), Eve Falcon, Dharam Deep, DJ Rap, Anthony Marinelli, Mikki Willis, Tyler Adams (Founder WOMP for the Kids), Lauren Segal, Suzan Branter, Catherine Geanuracos (SPIN THE VOTE), Glenn Weikert (7 Star Sun), Leo Delati (Leo Delati Photography), Harry Bellford (White Spark Creative), Katie Marie (Alchemika), Charise Keck, Shelly Boyle, Ali Sadrieh, Robert Blau, Matthew Pinkus, Phillip Blaine, Alexandra Greenberg (VP MSO PR), Michael Ant, Arnon Shorr, DJ Wolfie, Alan Smithson (CEO SmithsonMartin Inc.), Scott Stoughton (Snow Globe), Allan B. Gelbard, Isiah Martin, DJ John Beaver, NuNu Belle, Kristi McKnight, Julian Reyes (KeyFrame Entertainment), Alex Polychenko, Todd Gewolb & Matt Cohen (Co-Founders Roll Random), Shara Dee, Alyxzander Bear, Graham Penniman, David Starfire, Myagi (Andrew Mavor), Dianna Cohen (Founder, Plastic Pollution Coalition), Andrea Robinson (CEO Arc Sustainability), Bryan Beeson (Partner, Boogie Basics), Gregory Harrison (CEO Artist & Athlete), Mike Romo (6ft), Scott Richmond (CEO Satellite Records), John Schrader, Dashiell Driscoll, Roger Shah, Keoki, Miko Franconi (SoundSex), Gregor Reti (Trance Management), Edgar Montiel, Jessie Craigie (Green Living Project), Nichol Carlson (CharityBuzz), Meghan Fabulous, Sacha Hason, Ann Murray (Red Social PR), Syd Gris (Opulent Temple), Kimberly St. John, Tim Eisenhauer, Michael Fiebach, (Founder & CEO, Fame House LLC), Elizabeth Irby, Jennifer Mauer, Hisham Dahud (Digital Strategy & Social Media Director Fame House LLC), Elon Sasson CEO Project Wharehouse, Will Gresham (Gummy), Peter Wohelski (Beatport Label Manager), 3lau (Justin Blau), Moses Databass, Perish Dignam, Dave Garnish (Garish Music Production School), Deepti Datt (India Festival Producer), Ethan Baer (CEO EDM.com), Erik Koral,

  • Disco Donnie

    Beyond the original founding three, the one and only, Disco Donnie of Disco Donnie Presents, was our first founding member. Donnie has been incredibly supportive over the years.

    Michael Tullberg

    After the success of his last book, Michael Tullberg has recently published "The Raver Stories Project". Out of the many submissions Michael received, 3 EMA members have been published in his latest book.

    DJ Shar4

    DJ Shar4 has been an outstanding member since joining as a founder. She will be hosting an EMA Massive Action to raise awareness for LGBTQ issues at her Devote event this Fall in White Rapids, New Hampshire.

    The Crystal Method

    We started EMA with their support. They have played numerous philanthropic Play it FWD gigs on behalf of our organization including an annual contribution to Groove Radio's "Holiday Groove".

    DJ Rap

    We are proud to promote DJ Rap as she has been a major figure in the Play it FWD movement. We were thrilled to find out DJ Rap is now creating her own music school.

    DJ Kimberly St. John

    Inspired by both the Play it FWD concept and Massive Action programs of EMA, Kim has performed over 6 collection drives and now one beach cleanup in 3 different cities.

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