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List of Electronic Music Organizations doing good

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Written by Julian Reyes of Keyframe-Entertainment, EMA Board of Directors

We at Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) are a global action network dedicated to protecting our people, our planet, and our parties. What we "do" is a creative and ongoing evolution between what we have done, what we are doing, and what we can do when members feel inspired.


We believe in giving back to the community through Health and Safety, Ecology, and volunteerism, and are committed to addressing global social issues. We appreciate the hard work being done worldwide to spread that message, and want to highlight other organizations that are doing good in the world. If you have others you’d like to share, please reach out and let us know!

Music Against Animal Cruelty

MAAC (Music Against Animal Cruelty) is a non-profit organization with one simple directive: to aid in wildlife conservation. Conceived by Jonny White of Art Department and longtime friend and founder of Pulse Radio, Wade Cawood, in collaboration with Tears for Tigers founder Jack Baucher, MAAC acts as a broker between musicians, the music industry and music fans, and organizations who are working on initiatives to save various animals facing the dangers of a diminishing population and/or extinction.


Bonnaroo Works Fund

The core values of the Bonnaroo Works Fund are Community, Creativity, and Positive Influence. We champion those changing the world through social impact, human development, and community inspiration. Through our festival resources & culture, we support and collaborate with nonprofit partners doing incredible things to benefit the arts, education, sustainability, and social significance. Because you Roo, they can do. The Bonnaroo Works Fund aims to grow its support of nonprofits that are changing the world through social impact and human development. With our nonprofit partners, we will inspire the community to take action.


Austin City Limits & Chicago’s Lollapalooza - Both of these festivals give tent space during the concerts to local and national charities for music fans to learn more about the causes. Ever since the first festival in 1991, Lollapalooza has always been a place where music fans can learn more about how to help the world around them. Whether it’s becoming more environmentally conscious, registering to vote or saving a life through a bone marrow match, Lolla Cares brings together the best of the world’s organizations and puts them in front of 100,000 festival fans to bring awareness to amazing causes.


Insomniac - Insomniac Cares is dedicated to making a positive impact on issues facing the communities and neighborhoods where our events are held.

eBay & Insomniac = Culture Shock Las Vegas- In 2016, eBay partnered with Insomniac Events, which produces the for-profit Electric Daisy Carnival electronic dance music festivals. Together they organized an online auction benefiting Culture Shock Las Vegas, a nonprofit that aims to deter young people from drugs and violence by providing after-school hip-hop and performance-art classes.


Association for Electronic Music (AFEM)

AFEM is a not-for-profit trade association created to represent the common interests of those companies and individuals whose business is Electronic Music and to advocate best practice for the genre. AFEM’s commitment is to strengthen and further the genre by uniting its members, identifying key issues and providing one-voice to address and challenge them. The collective voice of the AFEM membership provides lobbying power where necessary for all legislative, commercial and industry issues as they relate to the genre. See their mental health guide, Protect Mental & Physical Health for Fans & Professionals (Safe In Sound) and other initiatives.


Women in Music

Women in Music is the industry's leading non-profit working toward gender equality. Founded in 1985, WIM is now fueled by 100+ volunteers working daily to serve thousands of women worldwide. Women in Music believes that the conversation around equality is an inclusive discussion where all voices are welcome. Our members are women at all stages in their careers — from students to seasoned industry veterans — and men who support our cause. We are record label executives, artist managers, songwriters, musicians, attorneys, recording engineers, agents, publicists, studio owners, music publishers, online and traditional marketers and more.


Amplify Her

Directed by Ian MacKenzie and Nicole Sorochan, the “Amplify Her” film follows three Electronic Dance Music artists battling demons from their painful pasts to emerge as beacons in the global festival scene. Blondtron, Applecat and Lux Moderna overcome isolation, illness, and gender bias to give life to their creativity. The film addresses a powerful cause and provides a platform of inspiration for women.


Give a Beat

Give a Beat connects the electronic music community with youth and families affected by incarceration. By providing young people with access to professionals in music and related arts, we encourage young people to pursue creative career opportunities. Give a Beat draws on the positive elements of electronic music culture. As a community that fosters peace, love, compassion, understanding and unity, we believe music creates a culture of inspiration and hope that facilitates authentic and lasting personal and professional connections. Building solidarity among empathetic artists, volunteers, like-minded organizations, and businesses, we can create opportunities for social change and empower each other to restore dignity to those who have experienced injustice.



DanceSafe is a 501(c)(3) public health nonprofit that promotes health and safety within the electronic music and nightlife communities. Our two fundamental principles are harm reduction and peer-based, popular education. On the ground at events and music festivals, you can observe us providing a number of services coupled with literature including free water, and information about heatstroke, free condoms, and information about consent, free earplugs, and information about hearing damage, and factual unbiased drug information, and drug checking (when allowed) to help people who use drugs identify potentially adulterated substances.


Permaculture Action Network

Permaculture Action Network is a continent-wide collective that mobilizes thousands of people to take direct action on regenerative projects with a diversity of groups and organizations. We collaborate with performing artists and cultural events to invite people into hands-on work that regenerates ecosystems and catalyzes the movement for a just transition. We work at the edge of art, music, culture, and the regenerative community movement, offering people a pathway to take action locally where they live through Permaculture Action Days, Permaculture Action Hubs, and Permaculture Action Courses; our approach is to create events that are easy to engage in and sprout long-lasting movement involvement.

Electronic Music was built on principles of P.L.U.R (Peace, Love, Unity & Respect). It's no surprise that many artists have found ways to support causes they believe in. With music all around us, it seems only natural to use people’s love of music to do a little good. KRPT’s list of Electronic Music meets Charity: Best Case Studies offers just a few examples of some of the different ways the power of music can be used for raising donations and awareness of a charity.

And for a list of Top 10 Do-Gooding DJs, check out this Billboard article.

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