• Organizations We Work With

    EMA has worked over the years with the following organizations. They typically have ongoing campaigns, volunteer opportunities, or community actions.

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    PAN partners with musicians to empower their fans into action and has a robust calendar of activities on their website.

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    Give A Beat uses the power of music to promote social justice.

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    Using the power of music to amplify your role in protecting our planet's future.

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    Providing essential support and emergency services to underserved communities

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    DanceSafe is a 501(c)(3) public health organization promoting health and safety within the nightlife and electronic music community.

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    EMA's U.S. fiscal sponsor committed to regeneration and cultural transformation. International opportunities for volunteering (wildlife, environmental school, biological reserve).

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    SSDP is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact of drug misuse on our communities.

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    International Opportunities

    Costa Rica

    CONTACT US if you are an artist or community member searching for purpose or wanting to give back. We provide artist service consultation but also have affiliations with a wildlife rescue center, a biological reserve, and an environmental school in Costa Rica for volunteer (Play it FWD) opportunities.

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    Throw a smarter benefit

    Play it FWD

    CONTACT US for tips on how to green your event, make it safer, and for possible assistance with promotion.

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    Resilient communities don't wait for disaster to strike

    Become an EMA Ambassador

    Resiliency is the strength of a community. It's how quick it can bounce back after stress or disasters. Resiliency is not a response although it includes response. Our ambassador program will focus efforts starting mid-2020 on resiliency training and artistic response. Please contact us directly if interested in becoming a community leader.



    Our network partner committed to regenerative community solutions.

    Train in advance

    Free online response training

    World Cares offers free online training for those that want to help with on-ground response.

    Be prepared

    Is something coming your way?

    As fires ravage the West Coast and Hurricanes bombard the South and East, we encourage our community to be prepared.

    Educate yourself about appropriate response

    Not all help is helpful

    Here is a great article about Harvey with lessons that can be applied to other disaster situations. For instance, one suggestion is not to send "stuff" people don't need. It can create what responders sometimes call "the second disaster".

    Use Social Media

    It can work

    If it is accessible, use it. When Harvey was going some people received responses from neighbors and rescue teams by posting messages to Facebook and Twitter. Remember 911 is only for life-threatening emergencies.